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Mac Baker

Certified Social Worker


Social Worker


I feel that a lot of people are left to find a lot of adjusting on their own and make transitions in their life in starting new, whether in the simplest of conditions, transitioning from institution to life, grief situations, divorce, or from military service.

I use Solution-focused therapy, understanding through aligning with social networks, and SMART goals. Often times using modalities such as trauma therapy to get past moments and construction of better thinking is needed. I use CBT skills and psychotherapy to provide different thinking and understanding of how emotional influences create thinking patterns and behavioral outcomes and adjust for changes.

I strive to motivate people in their purpose, goals, and self-confidence so that they will not be stuck and work to better themselves how they want to better themselves. Such as the ethics of social work is to empower and find fair and just solutions that fit where a person is at, which is the meeting point with my patients.

I am a licensed social worker, working primarily on the addictive behavior patterns of all people of all ethnicities, races, and backgrounds. I have worked in clinical settings, and hospital settings and currently work full-time with the VA. I am skilled in CBT, CPT, Solution-focused therapies, SMART Therapy, Anger Management, Grief and Loss, and Trauma Informed Care. I am a member of the NASW as well as Phi Alpha Honor Society of Tau Sigma for Social Work accolades in academics.

Client Focus

My focus is very general. I feel I am equipped to meet any patient where they are to help them, or to guide them to a place of better help.

Types of Therapy

CBT, CPT, SMART Goals, Solution Focused Therapy, Grief and Loss


Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment

More Than Just Work

I am a huge enthusiast of the social world. I love to be challenged and discuss hot topics in most areas. I enjoy watching sports as I am far beyond my prime but pursue the statistical and realistic knowledge of chance in these events. I am a former athlete, as stated, past my prime, but playing and am interested in all areas of sport. My passions are riding motorcycle to free my mind and take in the environment and risk all at the same time, being with people I love and cherish, and sitting on my deck, at my home, with my wife and family, our animals, and observing the splendid time of movement of the world.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." -Viktor Frankl

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