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Our Mission

Creating undeniably great services to support EVERY moment, and normalizing accessing support as a STRENGTH.

Jessie Brockel

I am a Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor  + Founder of The Support Circle. Over the past ten years, I have worked in private practice to develop a care model to increase access to services, deliver extraordinary support options, and increase awareness that mental health is part of overall health. We launched our group practice, selecting providers we feel can deliver the best services across the state of South Dakota. 


Our team has dedicated hours of energy to cultivating a relaxed, inclusive environment to be a space for you to reset when life stressors bring you to a space of overwhelm.  


You deserve to give yourself the best care, physically and mentally. A circle of support might be the best place to start. We are excited to meet you!

I believe connection is a key ingredient in all areas of health which is why the relationship we build with our clients is thoughtful and of the highest priority.

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