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The New R&R – Rest & Reflection

Why Both Rest and Reflection Are Crucial for Our Personal Growth

Ashley Geist – LPC-MH SupV, LPC, NCC, M.S. Ed.


When we think about change and personal growth, we don’t usually picture sleep, play, or sitting in silence.  However, there are some very good reasons that these are the exact practices that more of us need to make time for in our busy lives, especially if we want to have new experiences and focus on growth and wellbeing. 

It’s these spirit and body restoring practices alongside mindful reflection, that can pave the way for kinder, gentler, change.


Why We Need Rest

The first thing to understand about rest is that we do not have to earn it.  Rest is integral to our wellbeing.  Just as plants need their specific amounts of sunlight and water; so, we too need the rest that is right for our unique selves.  Note: this can be and is often needed in different amounts for different people.

Rest is sleep, but it is also time spent in quiet or leisure pursuits.  Gentle walking, reading, painting, watching a funny show, can all leave us feeling rested and refreshed. 

So, give some thought to what places and spaces invite you to rest and reflect.  When and where do you enter restful spaces, and then re-emerge back into regular life, feeling better than when you went in? 

Why We Need Reflection

When we engage in the quiet, yet intentional process of reflection, we re-visit our patterns and the life that we’ve lived.  Our goal in reflecting is to understand our journeys and how we have functioned in the past, in order to better understand ourselves and create a more peaceful present.

Reflection invites us to understand, not simply pass judgement on, or self-criticize the past versions of ourselves. Allowing ourselves to journal our thoughts and feelings, going back through old planners or calendars and asking ourselves, “What was going on at this time in my life?”  “What did I have going well for me?  “What were my obstacles?”  “How was I resilient?”  “Of the elements that were in my control, what do I wish had gone differently?’ 

The act of reflection can be both empowering and painful as we sit with difficult truths and facts; both in and out of our control.  This is a time and a process to approach with deep self-compassion.  If we struggle in this area, we might want to share our self-reflections with a trusted friend, support person, or therapist.  Often, there is much to learn from this process. 


Ready for more reflection? 

The Support Circle’s caring staff of counselors are here to help you on your journey.  Schedule a free, 20-minute consultation call to start your journey of reflection and change.  Our providers are now offering services in person in Mobridge and Aberdeen, SD, and virtually across the states of South Dakota and North Dakota.   


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