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How to Navigate Seasons of Change

Welcome! In this two-part blog, we will explore how to take care of and support ourselves through seasons of change, as well as how to make it happen in our own lives. We’re glad you’re here, let’s jump in!


Calming Stormy Seas

When referring to change, we often use water imagery. Phrases such as, “I’m staying afloat, I’m drowning, I’m paddling as fast as I can”, seem to be the norm, even for those of us in the landlocked Midwest. We associate seemingly calm seasons of life, or the status quo, as “smooth sailing” while we look at seasons of change as “stormy seas.”

Whether we view a change as smooth or stormy, two things about change are certain; change in our lives is constant, even if it’s too gradual for us to see or feel at the time, and change affects everyone. Oftentimes, we have to confront changes we didn’t ask for, maybe didn’t want, or maybe didn’t even see coming.

So how can we navigate change when our sunny day at the shore turns into a sea squall? At Wholehearted Hub, we are big believers in savvy self-care. And no, we don’t mean buying a bunch of products, placing them in a drawer, and then returning to freaking out. We mean actual, intentional care of our physical, mental, and spiritual selves.

What could this look like? To start with, it is completely personal, but it does have three main components.

  1. The Physical Body – There’s no way around it, humans are a lot like plants. We need water, air, sun, and nutrients to survive and thrive. Let’s self-reflect; are we sufficiently hydrated? When is the last time that we breathed deeply, fully inflating our strong rib cages and beautiful lungs? We tend to hunch over and breathe in a shallow fashion most of the time, leaving us extra tired and stressed. Have we eaten nutritious food that once grew on the earth today? When is the last time we walked outside in the sun and fresh air? All of these things are important AND, they are inextricably linked up to our mental health and wellness.

  2. The Mind – Many of us shower or bathe our physical bodies and brush our teeth every day, sometimes multiple times a day, but when is the last time that we cleansed our mind? “A-hah! you can’t shower your brain!” some may say. Well, what if you could? We refresh our minds through adequate, quality sleep. We can let go of the mental chatter or clutter of the day by journaling, talking with an uplifting friend or support system, exercising, listening to a funny podcast or show, or meditating.

  3. The Spirit – The ways in which we nurture our spirits are as beautiful and diverse as we are! Some people enjoy faith practices such as prayer, worship, or the study of sacred texts. Some meditate, walk in nature, read, listen to uplifting music or podcasts, spend time in sacred ceremonies or healing traditions, laugh and share stories with loved ones, or engage in special hobbies or volunteer work.

So at this point, we might be tempted to think, “Well that’s great when things are going great, but this season of life is tough!” That’s why we believe and cling all the more strongly to the practices above. Think of this kind of self-care as a life raft that allows you to quit treading water, if even for a few precious minutes.

If sleep is scarce, trade some screen time for a shower, a good book, and an early bedtime. If your mind is too fried to function, buy a salad, watch a comedy, or walk the dog. Short on time? Enjoy the sight of something new on a ten-minute lunch break walk or indulge in an uplifting fragrance or hand lotion. Even a minute or two can be enjoyed when we use it intentionally.

If you are curious about how to build your own savvy self-care life raft, join us on Sunday, November 21st, for the online Seasons of Change Workshop. We will embrace the challenge of examining how we grow through change along with creating a personalized action plan for caring for ourselves through challenging seasons.

The Hubster Team is so excited to welcome you to the best support system around and work through all of our seasons of change together!

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