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Telehealth Available! Our practice offers video based access to our clinicans anywhere in the State of South Dakota.

Child & Adolescent Treatment

Have you noticed shifts in your child's behaviors or ability to navigate intense emotions? 

Raising children and adolescents can be challenging as their personalities can range from introverted to headstrong. Significant changes in "typical behavior" can be a sign of mental health challenges. 

Symptoms for Young Children may include: 

  • Have frequent tantrums or are intensely irritable much of the time

  • Often talk about fears or worries

  • Complain about frequent stomachaches or headaches with no known medical cause

  • Are in constant motion and cannot sit quietly (except when they are watching videos or playing video games)

  • Sleep too much or too little, have frequent nightmares or seem sleepy during the day

  • Are not interested in playing with other children or have difficulty making friends

  • Struggle academically or have experienced a recent decline in grades

  • Repeat actions or check things many times out of fear that something bad may happen


Symptoms for Older Children may include: 

  • Have lost interest in things that they used to enjoy

  • Have low energy

  • Sleep too much or too little or seem sleepy throughout the day

  • Are spending more and more time alone and avoid social activities with friends or family

  • Diet or exercise excessively, or fear gaining weight

  • Engage in self-harm behaviors (such as cutting or burning their skin)

  • Smoke, drink, or use drugs

  • Engage in risky or destructive behavior alone or with friends

  • Have thoughts of suicide

  • Have periods of highly elevated energy and activity and require much less sleep than usual

  • Say that they think someone is trying to control their mind or that they hear things that other people cannot hear

Consider seeking help if your child’s behavior persists for a few weeks or longer; causes distress for your child or your family; or interferes with your child’s functioning at school, at home, or with friends.

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Mental Health challenges in childhood and adolescence are common

You are not alone.


When you see your child or adolescent struggling, it can feel like you somehow failed as a parent. The fact is, by being aware of your child’s symptoms and needs, you are listening and paying attention, which makes you a great parent!

Social-Emotional and Counseling Intervention can help build developmentally appropriate skills to support your child.

Younger children sometimes lack the social-emotional skills to create a foundation of success. Learning about feelings, strategies for expression, and coping skills can help equip them with the tools they will need to build strong connections and feelings of confidence. We have created a foundational therapeutic program to help build skills in children, allowing them to learn the tools and integrate them sooner in life.  Our lives are busy.  And our world has changed significantly making it more difficult for parents to stay home with thier children - thereby decreasing the time we have to spend nurturing some of these skills.  We want to help create balance and skills for your family, creating points of connection, understanding, and success. 

We understand that parenting is tough stuff - and work together with parents combining sessions to teach skills and strategies to promote success at home.  

We also travel to schools in our communities and offer services!  Check and see if your school is one we visit.


Perhaps you are considering support for your child but still have some concerns…

What if my child is resistant to seeing a counselor? 

Kids are sometimes resistant to intervention, but it has been our experience that once they connect with a counselor, understand confidentiality and the purpose of support FOR them - they fully invest in the process.  Counselors often become one of the trusted adults in their lives to feel they can get objective feedback and guidance.   

Will I be in the session with my child?

It depends on the treatment plan and the needs of the child and your family! We believe that working alongside the family is important as we treat child mental health issues.  Typically, sessions consist of individual time and then bring in parents/caregivers to share information and strategies.  This is a fluid decision and can be discussed to make sure your family is getting what they need from their sessions. 

Let Us Help You Change The Way You See The World

At The Support Circle, our therapists are trained in evidence-based practices, such as Play Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Both are interactive and focus on meeting your child where they are at, both developmentally and emotionally. We will work with you on strategies to support your child outside of the counseling setting, creating an open dialogue and circle of support for you both.

 Please call us at (605) 845-2058 and to get more information on how our providers can support your family. You can also email us at or visit our offices located in Mobridge or Aberdeen, S.D.

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