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Give yourself the same

care & attention

that you give others and

watch yourself bloom



Within each moment, we have a choice. A choice of which lens we will view our experiences and what actions we will take to care for ourselves and others. Mental Health is the thinking and feeling that guides those choices and we are the crew to help you better understand the unfolding of those experiences. At The Support Circle, we believe that mental health care is necessary for everyone. 



Jessie Brockel


How we Can Help You

Our clinical staff specializes in delivering extraordinary individualized care for a variety of situations including depression, anxiety, trauma, behavioral challenges, parenting, marriage & relationships, childhood disorders, grief, and adjustment disorders.

We are also able to address other various challenges including life changes, personal & professional growth, and nutrition.


We do it all!


Meet one-on-one in a safe and confidential space either in person or by video conference.


Counselors are also able to see children in some school environments.


Couples counseling provides a combination of sessions including a focus on the dynamics of the relationship as well as the exploration of how each individual impacts the family dynamic. 


We offer support to multiple family members at one time to explore communication, interactions, and each family member's individual 

impact on the family system. 


Community starts here!  Group counseling provides participants with the opportunity to connect with others in a safe, confidential, and supportive space. It also allows for sharing experiences with others who can relate, while connecting through differences to learn new perspectives and ideas.


payment          options

Currently accepting:

• BCBS      Medicaid     • Sanford   • Avera     

* Please visit with our team to discuss other         payment options including private pay.

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