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Your Guide to Thriving During the Holiday Season

As I sat down to write a Holiday themed blog with a wellness focus, I couldn’t help but think of the title, “Holiday Survival Guide.” We’ve all seen these words splashed across magazine covers and various content. We’ve even possibly read some and gained a few tips on how to make meals easier, gifts simpler, and spirits a bit merrier; but as I sat with that idea, I couldn’t help but think, what if we shifted the focus from surviving the holidays, to thriving during them instead?

What does it even mean to thrive? Oxford’s English dictionary describes the word, “thrive”, as a verb which means, “to become, to continue to be, successful, strong, healthy, etc.” What if we took those ideas, and applied them to our own mental wellness before the whirlwind of the season begins? Grab a hot beverage and your favorite notebook and let’s get ready to thrive!

1. To Become - As I think of what it could mean, “to become”, I am reminded that as we live our lives, we are regularly invited to grow, learn, and write the next chapters of our stories.

Before we dive straight into our to-do lists this fall and winter, let’s give ourselves some time to reflect; in what ways have we grown this year? Have we stepped into or out of certain roles or seasons of life? Take the time to honor, celebrate, or reflect on those changes and also to honor who you are becoming along life’s journey.

2. To Continue to be - During holiday seasons and celebrations, our minds often drift to the idea of tradition. What traditions might you continue to practice or celebrate during this season? We can also go a step beyond thinking about holiday festivities and reflect on the previous year.

What pieces of our lives or ourselves might we continue to celebrate, enjoy, or grow? Sometimes we can be so focused on what’s not working, that we miss what is working. Consider the ways that you will continue to be, this year.

3. Successful - In what ways are you successful? Keep in mind that what defines success to each person, is personal. For some, success may be simply surviving a very difficult circumstance, for others, success may be achieving a personal goal, for someone else, it might be making it out the door this morning, in clean socks. Take a moment to reflect on your “wins” from this year, no matter how big, small, or sometimes silly, they might be.

4. Strong – What makes us strong? If we think about our bodies, strength is linked to nutrition, movement, repetition, and even rest. When we think about our minds, we can apply the same principles. What are you currently doing to build mental strength?

When we think about nourishing our bodies, we may picture fresh foods and clean water. When we think of nourishing our minds, we know that what we consume physically, affects how we feel. However, we also need to think about what we read, say, listen to, etc. This season, let’s nourish our minds with positive self-talk, great books, podcasts, and cheerful music!

Just as with our bodies, our minds also benefit from physical movement, repetition of healthy habits, and rest. Doing these wonderful things just once might make us feel good for an hour or a day, but doing these things over and over again with repetition, will create good feelings all season long.

5. Healthy – Last, but certainly not least, what are we doing to keep our minds healthy during this season? Perhaps we practice gratitude by writing down two things we are grateful for each day, with prayer, or with special handwritten notes. Maybe we practice kindness to ourselves and others with kind words, small treats, or self-care. Maybe we even go a step farther and support our mental health with exercise, relaxation, mindfulness, or a stimulating activity like making crafts or creating art.


During this holiday season, those of us at Wholehearted Hub encourage you to take time for both your mental and physical wellness. These small practices do not need to take up large amounts of time or money to be effective. This season, before you give any other gift, give yourself the gift of wellness.

XO, Ashley


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