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Resolve to Evolve - A Mindset Shift for 2022!

When the calendar turns the corner, we are often bombarded with the idea of the New Year’s Resolution. The new calendar year brings with it hope, anticipation, and the idea of a fresh start. But what if this year, instead of choosing a resolution, we committed to an evolution instead?

What if instead of resolving to do something specific, we committed to our own continual growth at a consistent, not too rapid pace, over time? What if we asked in a gentle way, “What now?” “What next?” or “What do I need in THESE moments?”

As we get set to honor who we are on the road to becoming who we will be, let’s ask ourselves the following empowering questions:

What is already working?

When we evolve, we identify what works and go with it. Before we start digging into our lives and looking at what needs to change this year, let’s ask, “What IS working?” What do we have going on right now that is good, healthy, helpful, etc.? Let’s take a moment to honor that, and to appreciate the growth and talent we have in those areas.

What is realistic right now?

Sometimes we have grand visions and plans of where we want to eventually be, and these are fantastic! But as the saying goes, Rome was NOT built in a day. Maybe more friends, more peace, and less sugar are around the corner, but it also might take some time to get where we are going. Let’s make a list of our new year’s goals or visions, and then ask ourselves, “Which one of these (or a few) are realistic areas to work on right now?”

What are the smallest steps?

Maybe this year, we will try to go slow and take our time. The first step here is committing to gentle and do-able steps forward. Is our first small step leaving work on time most days in order to prioritize a healthy dinner? Could it be buying some warm winter boots for quick winter walks or truly knowing how many ounces our water bottles hold? Maybe the smallest step is reclaiming Sunday afternoons for family time or going to bed fifteen minutes earlier. Whatever our first small step might be, let us honor the fact that it may be small, but it may also be mighty.

What obstacles could get in our way?

There’s a reason that most resolutions are done and forgotten by February; life throws us curve balls and absolute, all-or-nothing thinking rarely produces lasting commitment or change. Instead of pretending that nothing will get in our way, let’s actually imagine what might. Vacations, illnesses, busy seasons at work, can all gradually lead us off track from our self-improvement. We know distractions will happen, so let’s brainstorm how we will do a self-check-in or find some support when they come.

When all else fails, continue evolving in the direction of your highest good!

Did you lose your temper and fall short on your “no yelling” goal? Maybe you overspent the budget, overslept and missed the gym, or overindulged last weekend. Those moments and choices are gone, but the here and now remain. Coming back to your commitment to evolve is an ongoing, ever-present process to keep returning to, over and over again.

So, as the confetti falls on 2021 and welcomes in 2022, let us be kinder to ourselves and resolve to evolve.

All the best,




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