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Mental Health for Fall

Any season change is a great opportunity for reflection. Just as fall is a time for yard work, preparation for cooler weather, and the celebration of fall routines and seasonal rituals; apple cider anyone? Now is also a great time to take a moment to reflect on our mental health. What is working? What needs an upgrade? Is there something that we have been doing that we’d like to continue? Take a look at the ideas below, as we prepare to give our mental health a refresh for the fall season.

1. See what fits and what doesn’t.

Have you ever pulled out a box of sweaters to find that a few are past their prime, too tight, all stretched out, or just aren’t “you” anymore? Just as we donate and let go of items that no longer suit our needs, sometimes our lives need the same treatment.

Is there a committee that needs to leave your calendar? Is it time to explore different options for after-work routines, commutes, work hours, or childcare? Making room by letting go of what is no longer working leaves valuable space and opportunity for what does.

2. Prepare for cooler weather.

Gardeners and homeowners know, there’s a list of seasonal chores that help our gardens, yards, plants, homes, etc., to make it through colder seasons, harsh temperatures, and the cold precipitation that fall and winter will bring. We can apply the same principle to our mental health.

What are some joy-filled indoor or cold-weather activities that boost your spirits? Make a list of these and make some plans to enjoy them when the days are darker and colder. Are there important routines to return to like regular exercise or self-care appointments that need to go on the calendar? Consider scheduling counseling sessions, massages, doctor’s visits, and even dinner dates or game nights with friends that boost your mood. Having these times set aside on your calendar can help you maintain good mental health and can function as built-in support as needed.

3. Engage in some Fall Fun!

Do you love to gaze at the changing leaves? Do you decorate for the fall holidays, or spend weeks creating the perfect Halloween costume? Even if fall isn’t your favorite time of year, find something about it that you like and engage in that activity. Having something to celebrate, enjoy, and look forward to is a known mood booster.

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- Ashley Geist

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