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It’s A New Season at Wholehearted Hub!

Welcome, Friends! It’s a new year, a

new season, and a new chapter for the Wholehearted Hub-Living, Eating, & Wellness Community. At Wholehearted Hub, we believe in the power of the process rather than the pursuit of perfection.

With this in mind, you will notice lots of changes and growth to our website and offerings as we continue to bring you meaningful content and programming, designed to help us all live and love more deeply! We’re glad you are here, let’s grow!

Our podcast, formerly the Hubster Chatroom, now, Counselors & Coffee, is in the midst of a glow-up! Join us as we produce new podcast episodes, blogs, and social media content intended to brighten your day and lighten your load. New podcast episodes drop on Wednesdays, starting March 1st!

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