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How To Spring Clean Your Wellness Routine

As our thoughts turn to springtime, our minds also tend to start thinking about spring cleaning!

Whether this brings back memories of chore-filled weekends with a towel in hand or the excitement that comes from finally opening the windows and ushering in the new season, most of us can get behind the idea of a fresh start.

With spring in mind, let’s explore how a little attention combined with positive intention, can create great results! Not only can tidying up leave us feeling refreshed and renewed, but our spaces can help us with our wellness goals too.

Make Movement Easy

We are much more likely to take a walk, fire up that yoga app, or head to the gym when it’s easily accessible. Think about your favorite way to move your body. What supplies do you need to make that happen? Have those supplies easily accessible!

Keep your jacket and walking shoes close to the front door, place your yoga mat and blanket in a basket by the TV in direct eyesight from your seat on the couch, or designate one dresser drawer to activewear only to make dressing for activity easier.

Fuel Up With Food

Spring is a great time to remove expired foods from pantries and cupboards that need to go and identify soon-to-expire foods that can be used up in the next few weeks. This is also a great time to re-evaluate where foods are stored, and if there are any foods you would like to reduce or increase for personal wellness goals.

Try storing healthy snacks at eye level in the pantry, cupboard, or refrigerator for an easy snack to grab in a hurry! When adjusting your eating habits, aim for one or two small changes at a time, and go slowly. Instead of swearing off all sodas or sugary drinks cold turkey, make the move to sparkling water or tea. Instead of attempting to eliminate your snacking habit, try improving them with tasty, healthy options.

Create A Cozy Space

There is nothing quite as refreshing as a supportive place to relax or recharge. Take some time this spring to find or designate a space that is a treat to be present in. A special space could be as simple as a chair by a sunny window, a corner of the couch with a good book in reach, or a designated space to craft, sew, or enjoy a puzzle. Stock your special space with items that relax or re-energize you like a beautiful or special piece of art, essential oils, hand lotion, a favorite magazine, a blanket and pillow, or art supplies.

Support Your Sleep

A good night’s rest is vital to our health and wellbeing in both body and mind. Evaluate your sleeping space and pay special attention to lighting, air quality, space, and clutter. Does your bedroom need a refresh? Spring is a great time to donate gently used clothing and to recycle or toss items that are ripped, stained, or worn out. Take a look around the room, are there objects that don’t belong? Create a new home for these objects and take them there. This is also a great time to clean your humidifier if you use one, soften up the lighting with a cozy lamp, or give the curtains, comforters, and rugs a thorough cleaning. Don’t forget to chase down the dust bunnies behind larger furniture items too, to improve the air and promote restful sleep.

Spiff Up Your Schedule

A change of seasons is always a great time to re-evaluate where we are spending our most precious resource – our time. Are there commitments or obligations on your calendar that have worn out their welcome? Is there something you’ve been longing to do, someone you’ve been meaning to visit, or a group you’d like to join, but you haven’t found the time? Now is a great time to be intentional with your schedule, and to make appointments that matter.


Looking for more resources to support you on your wellness journey?

Check out The Hubster Chatroom Podcast, available on Spotify & Audible.

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