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Amy Mielke

Intern - LPC

When I was growing up I struggled with many things but I felt I didn’t have anyplace to go for help. I didn’t know I could get help, thought I was alone, and believed nobody would care. After seeing what counseling can do for others I knew that it was the career for me. I believe that counseling is underrated and has been stigmatized over time. I am passionate about helping others and want people to know that there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

Now, I am a Graduate Student of Northern State University in Mental Health Counseling and will complete my Master's Degree in May 2023. I am excited to be supporting my community through counseling and education.

I take pride in my community and want it to flourish. If you have any questions about mental health or counseling I would love to answer them for you. Stop by our office and get to know the team!

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