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Jessie is a Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health and a foster parent. She works across the State of South Dakota with a passion for supporting children and the families that so graciously open their homes to create a stable and loving environment. She has seen firsthand the power of support through this transition. For children, this experience can be very difficult. There can be many feelings associated with the change in living circumstances which can be difficult to process. For families, adding a child to your family will change family dynamics, causing parents to adjust their environment and parenting practices to best support the child as an individual. They also have the responsibility to make sure other children or members of the family are considered and supported.

Jessie is married and has six children. She has fostered 2 teenage children and supported numerous children through the foster care system with therapeutic techniques. She shares her professional and personal experience, bringing a down-to-earth approach to "growth through fostering".

Jessie Brockel, Fostering Growth Facilitator

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