Our team believes that support is a necessary part of becoming your best.  This is why we have developed a coaching program to help with non-clinical needs such as guidance through transitions, grief, weight loss, creation of positive and healthy habits, healing through past experiences,  identification of barriers to growth and SO MUCH MORE!  This is not a comprehensive list...as we know you are unique and bring your own experiences to the table.  Whatever you need...we are here to help equip you with the tools to bloom. 

Packages include weekly sessions focused on

identifying goals

creating actionable steps

building accountability



sustaining growth.

We know access is important and that is why we built access to our team to accommodate ANY location. This is the beauty of technology!  We use a HIPAA compliant video conferencing system to connect you directly with our team members.  

We have high expectations for what we offer - you deserve nothing less than the best.  Don't let isolation, confusion, fear, or disconnection stop you from getting the support you DESERVE.  




Our  team has over 30 years of experience working in both the medical and support fields. We understand the complex journey and the need to MOVE THROUGH the experience of living with a chronic illness.  A diagnosis doesn't always mean the end of life, but often can result in the end of the life we knew before a diagnosis for both patients and family members.  We want to help soften and support that transition with education, understanding, and care. 


We are proud of the space we have been able to create in helping our clients  MOVE THROUGH a diagnosis.







Life Coaching

Call or email to reach one of our team members!



This might be the end of the life you knew..... but something tells me you not gonna let this stop you from SHINING! 

This life thing can be tricky... 

Cancer & Chronic Illness Care
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